10 ways to transform your Home into an Eco-friendly space

Building up a sustainable environment and gearing up our next generation ‘Z’ to learn and adapt the eco-friendly approach to the way of living. Save our planet.

Going green! Green is the new Black!! Time for Nature!!Only one earth, plant a tree today – there are so many slogans to trigger the sense of eco-friendly approach in our lifestyles. Adopting the age-old methods of yoga and organic maneuvering, people are nowadays getting more aware of environmental responsibility. The makeshift trend and consciousness are leading to the concern of saving earth and using eco-friendly alternatives. Whenever there is a talk about being in harmony with nature, the general perception is that it is a lavish affair. But what if there are ways to go green and be cost-efficient at the same time. It is about time that we stop feeling guilty and make use of our resources to transform our home into a sustainable place without spending a fortune. Here are 10 ways to transform your home into a breathing space.

  1. Get creative with repurposing a beautiful tea cup.
Beautiful teacups repurposed as planters

It is pretty simple to reuse old tea cups into a practical utility item. You can convert these tea cups into planters and make it a decorative piece in kitchen. You can also decorate our mantel in the living room with these eye candy planters.

  1. Flower painting on wooden spoons
Wooden spoons repurposed as kitchen decor

Wooden spoons can be used for cooking. But render a neat and classy look to the kitchen decor, when painted or crafted. Here, in the picture, the extra wooden spoons have been given wonderful bright hues of color to make it interesting. You can either decorate or decoupage your wooden spoons and use it as a decorative piece.

  1. Crocheted beverage bottle
Crocheted Beverage Bottle to add up to aesthetic value of decor

Everyone has plants in their house. You can adorn your space by creating various design elements around these plants. A little extra effort into the aesthetic look of the same, it would bedeck your beautiful space. This is an easy and fast crochet project. You can also present it to someone as gift. For more such gift projects, you can order here

  1. Glass bottle as vase with flowers
Crocheted Ketchup bottle as vase for faux flowers

A simple beautification for a glass bottle, turns it into a beautiful vase. Little did one know, that the ketchup bottle was such a cute adornment for anyone’s mantel. Crocheted and designed for holding faux flowers. You can also design it with leftover yarns, jute rope or cotton cords.

  1. Cardboard boxes as organizers
Assortment of boxes as organizers for any utility at home
Assortment of boxes as organizers for any utility at home

All you need is an assortment of boxes of different sizes, assemble them in your place of interest to see how they fit. Wrap them in a beautiful wrapping paper or fabric scrap. And voila!! There it is, you have and interesting décor which can be used as an organizer as well. Just decorate the box and use it as organizer in your closets, on your desk, or in a drawer.

  1. Cardboard monogrammed names of your favourite people
Monogrammed Alphabet Blocks of your favourite people

Without a doubt, this is one of my best projects of this year. Classic cardboard monogram makes a stunning statement when paired with wall hanging or hung with a simple ribbon in your bedroom wall. These also make a perfect thoughtful gift for Birthdays, Housewarmings, babies, newlyweds and graduations. These can also be custom made on order, Order it here 

  1. Calligraphy quotes with Cardboard carving
Calligraphic Quote (Home is where the heart is). Corners are made for memories and each corner has our heart in it

Beautiful verses written in calligraphic art can express what we sometimes cannot find words for. You can make use of unused cardboard pieces, cut it and carve it into expressive message for corner spaces in your home

8. DIY Garden charms

Garden charms enhance the beauty of your green space

Garden is a place where you can relax and let yourself unwind. Garden charms can be used as accessories for your porch, balcony, foyer or entryway to your home. The themed charms pep up your space and give a colorful and vibrant look. Homemade Salt Dough can be used to create these wonderful ornament.

9. DIY Salt Dough mini canvas tiles

Salt dough tiles to lift up your mood and add to your home decor

Salt dough ornaments is fun way to do creative crafts. It’s a beginner dough patch test that one can experiment with, if they have passion for sculpting and moulding clay. It’s a simple recipe to make salt dough – 1 cup salt, 1 cup plain flour, Half a cup of warm water. And there you have it. You can make and create innumerous ornaments to decorate your home.

10. Embroidered Insect Killer bat
Utilizing resources to decrease the wastage and in turn repurposing the same

There are lots of cluttered things in home that you want to get rid off, but you tend to procrastinate every other day. Here is a mind twerking idea to repurpose a Insect killer bat. We all have it at home. Embroider the net of the bat with colorful yarns and threads to adorn one of your walls as your own signature piece.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Enrich your perspective. Embolden your work.

Two Peas in a Pod

Oh, Twin Motherhood!!

Life’s catapulted into a hover board driving Mamma doing Spider-woman antics.  The day when one realizes, there are more than one bun in your oven, either you were truly elated (Wow, that euphoric feeling – Totally me) or you were so perplexed. There’s no denying that being a mom of twofold singletons at once comes with, well, some unique challenges.

People adore twins and its mostly cool except when it goes over the top. You tend to get ogled at for many reasons together. There have been oft times, when rantings of random strangers in the public places asking the same few questions again and again have made me so conscious of being a twin mom (yes, I’m an introvert mamma). It usually starts with bizarre and inappropriate rapid-fire questions.

  • Are they twins (Yes, they are, stranger in the mall, I know I have my hands full!)?
  • Who’s the eldest of them? (Well, Thanks for reminding me about the mini age-gap, nevertheless they come with the same tantrums)
  • How are you managing them all alone? (That’s a mammoth question. Well, my husband and I constantly marvel at the insanity that is twin parenting.

Almost every day, it’s like waking up to a totally insane roller coaster ride, which i have no idea about. We need to make relentless frantic choices, that are swallowed in with compromises. Both cry… Need to grind my brain cells…who is current favorite? Haha, no… that’s not how it works. Constant difficult choices to be made, choosing one twin over the other. Swear, it is hell of a task to do it. Sometimes triaging the situation does help – like who was the original crier? Is someone faking it? Who is more in distress/pain/hungrier? Its always a foot-in-mouth situation.

Being a mom to two 4 year olds is magnanimously satisfying, especially when you get to see those little moments—the times when they hold hands at the park guiding each other, helping each other or have conversations with each other in the backseat of the car, or when you offer them a snack and they insist of having another one for their sibling as well—and our hearts just have a burst of love. These very moments, in itself, is this twin thing, doubling up everything, not just by two, but exponentially, more than you ever thought possible. And who better knows about these nuances other than the twin parents themselves. They would be hands-down the best people who can relate to these.

Apparently just watching them grow and helping them mould into good human beings with the best outlook for the world they live in, is what drives us ahead.

Looking after the most precious angels that I was blessed with makes me overwhelmed with pride and affection. Yes, these are the two beings, My own, my bundles of joy. My miniature heart, soul and mind. MINE… ❤


The Push – Believe in Yourself

Life’s conundrums and its daily nuances try to bog us down manipulating our brain into thinking that we do not have that much in us to complete a certain task. While the real picture of our capabilities is far more enduring and is able to accommodate the toughest job under our kitty.

Wonder, how some people are able to manage time and complete multiple tasks in same kind of stratosphere that you are? Well, all it requires is the belief in you, the hard-push inside you that propels ahead for the things that you might be procrastinating from so long, for the things that you know would make you happy, but others things are considered priority over them, for the things that would pamper you- your whole new self, but the daily rundowns push it to the last on this list. Gear up, gather the tiny affirmations in your mind and throw it up to the world saying, Yes, you are in it for good. Believe me, there are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to accomplish and per say want to atleast start with it, simply because they decide to believe in themselves. Period!!

Doing something that’s going to change you Do you picture yourself doing something that is very far fetched or the idea itself gives you notions of your different self? Well, then you might be thinking in the right direction. The point here is, as soon as you acknowledge you can do something, it changes your frame of mind. That itself is the harbinger of possibility looking for new horizons. The first thing you need to understand is that those reasons you’re giving for the things that don’t work out really aren’t reasons – they’re excuses. You don’t look for reasons why you can’t do it, instead find reasons why you CAN do it.

Blog pic_Rethink

Stepping out of your comfort zone That cocoon, we build around ourselves for our homecoming nitty-gritty essentials is the core barrier which hampers our thought process of evolving. Let it take back-seat, and put your best step forward for the world you have been dreaming of. Life will only change when you become more committed and aware of your dreams than your comfort zone. Shed your inhibitions and let yourself free. You can also confide into a person whom you think would inspire and push you at every phase of your dream. Let him/her be the anchor of your life. Let those positive vibes imbibe your steadfastness.


Work on being the better version of yourself Imagine yourself in a pedestal, where you have the best of everything you have ever dreamt of. Being happy and contented comes from within and this would happen only when you come out of your own shell and absorb the goodness of life in a new way of evolving yourself. You should always exert yourself beyond the limits that intimidate you. In doing that, you would realize that you have much more composure within you than you have ever imagined. Build the momentum, test your limits, do a little more and know that you are stronger than you think, you are.


It is so right that once you force yourself out of your comfort zone it becomes just a little easier to do it again. And before you know it- you’re addicted…and it’s awesome. Go Get it!!